Getting Started

Whether this is your first time seeking help or you are looking to start with a new therapist it can feel uncomfortable, pointless, or overwhelming. What will I say? Will my therapist actually understand? What will my family or friends say? Will therapy work if I tend to be private, less emotional, etc.? Will it really help this time? You might wonder if going to therapy is shameful, self-indulgent, weak, or contrary to what you should do when things aren’t going well. Does it mean that I am not strong enough? Shouldn’t I be happy with what I have? Maybe, I should be focused on other people! If I just focus on my job, school, family, or community things will get better. These questions and others like them deserve attention and are often among the first things I discuss with clients along with their history and current concerns.   

If you are feeling even a little bit of trepidation, I want you to know that your worries are valid and very common; so common that people often struggle for months or even years before getting help. You should also be aware that given the personal nature of what we discuss, our sessions are granted certain privileges under the law. Before we discuss anything of a personal nature we will review how your personal information is protected.

While therapy may not be right for everyone, and certainly every therapist or approach is not right for every person, there is strong evidence supporting its efficacy and it has helped many people. 

For more info see What to Expect.