What to Expect at the First Session

First Session

Call me at 312.925.6330 or email me to set up an initial appointment. Once we have scheduled an appointment I will send out initial paperwork that includes demographics, health history, and policies of the practice for you to return at the first session.

The first meeting will allow us to get to know one another and to discuss what is bringing you into therapy. We can also discuss any hesitation or uncertainty about therapy or working together. At times, I extend the initial process beyond a single meeting to allow for further discussion and to help you become more comfortable with the process.

If we agree to move forward we will schedule regular appointments, if we decide for any reason not to move forward I will provide you with referrals that will better fit your needs. Most clients begin with one session per week. I prefer to keep a regular time slot for each person and ask for prior notification if needing to reschedule. I will be flexible when I can, but I am unable to frequently move sessions. There is no obligation to continue, if at any time you determine it is not the right fit for you.

If We Continue to Work Together

I will ask questions that get you to think, challenge you to consider things that may be difficult or uncomfortable, and provide you with nonjudgmental, honest, and genuine feedback and support. My clients describe me as caring, warm, and attentive but also pragmatic, straight-forward, and able to push them when needed. The most common piece of feedback I get is that I help clients over time build the confidence and tools needed to work through things on their own terms.

If you have been stuck for a while, focusing on a few techniques without new insight, understanding, and motivation is unlikely to get you where you want to go. Instead it takes time and attention to examine the difficult, confining, self-defeating, rejecting, shocking, or discomforting experiences, thoughts, and feelings that contribute to stress, pain, avoidance, and disconnection.   

I will listen, help you recognize blind spots, share feedback that others may not, and provide techniques that fit your needs. I will help you identify what motivates you, and I will be open to your input on what works. My approach often helps people feel more able to manage stressors and make decisions that are good for them.